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GGetting started with fbprophet on Windows 10

30.03.20193 Min Read — In Programming

I recently decided to look at my past purchases, and see if I could leverage that data to predict some of my personal spending trends. To help create a forecast, I settled on Prophet, which is a…

JJava vararg constructors and reflection

13.04.20186 Min Read — In Programming

On a recent Selenium project, I was trying to develop tests for a page with a long, dynamic form. This form has several types, with some shared fields across each type, with the number of possible…

PPerforming JOINs on text files

20.02.20181 Min Read — In Programming

Linux comes equipped with a handy utility aptly called JOIN which performs join operations on text files. Performing an inner join is as simple as running join file1.txt file2.txt Producing an outer…

SSQLAlchemy terms defined

20.02.20181 Min Read — In Programming

In January of last year I was working on a project that used SQLAlchemy to manage database interactions. Since many of the terms were new to me back then, I thought it would be handy to define a few…