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Adapting the python context manager pattern for Go
·460 words·3 mins
go python
I’ve recently started writing more Go, and one pattern I miss from Python is context managers, which are especially useful when doing IO.


Managing your GitHub setup with python using the Terraform CDK
·1078 words·6 mins
github python terraform
How to automating the management of a GitHub organization using infrastructure-as-code tooling.
How does pathlib combine paths using slashes?
·629 words·3 mins
How does the python pathlib library use the forward-slash character to construct paths?


Getting started with fbprophet on Windows 10
·548 words·3 mins
I recently decided to look at my past purchases, and see if I could leverage that data to predict some of my personal spending trends. To help create a forecast, I settled on Prophet, which is a Python library for time series prediction from Facebook.


SQLAlchemy terms defined
·255 words·2 mins
python sql
In January of last year I was working on a project that used SQLAlchemy to manage database interactions. Since many of the terms were new to me back then, I thought it would be handy to define a few of them here.